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We are a family based business that has been raising hypoallergenic puppies since 2004. Our family is the two of us, Cletus & Eva Schwartz and our sons Cletus Jr. & Jesse. We started with one Bichon Frise, we adopted as a house pet, then raising a few litters with her. Then adding a few more mothers over the years, then when our sons got older they wanted a few mothers, and that’s where we are today.

Our dogs are kept in an environment controlled house with outdoor exercise runs they can access on their own free will, they also have a big grass play area we let them in during the day, or as weather permits.  

This Is How Our Shipping Works or our delivery service!

Our most preferred option is to have the puppy picked up at our home, but considering the distance of some of our customers, we do have shipping options available. After we receive the reserve fee we will arrange the shipping. When shipping is arranged the final payment is due before the puppy leaves our home. All shipping costs are per quote and we have the following options:
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