First Time Dog Mom with a GREAT Experience!

I had the honor of purchasing my first bich-poo, Daisy “Lovely” Rae, from Mr. & Mrs. Schwartz in December 2020. This was my first puppy, and not only was I super nervous, but I had a LOT of questions! They answered all of my questions, the communication was amazing! There was never any time where I felt that I didn’t know what was going on. The drive from Chicago to Ohio was a long one, but definitely worth it. Daisy Rae is such a sweet, fierce, and loving puppy. You can tell that she was raised with so much love, and I really appreciated Mrs. Schwartz checking on Daisy Rae’s first few nights home to see how she was adjusting! I’m so happy to know I got her from a family that genuinely cares about their dogs, even when they find new homes! I 10/10 would recommend anyone looking for their furry best friend to contact Mr. & Mrs. Schwartz. They are some of the most kind and caring people I’ve ever met, and raise their puppies like so. 🙂

First Time Dog Mom with a GREAT Experience!

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